About our mentors

The UMOJA Network for Young Men Inc. was founded in 2004 specializing in
school-based mentoring of young men of color at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
Our unique brand of mentoring centers on the socio emotional growth of young men and while
managing the seamless transition between grades/schools and on time promotion/graduation. Our
board members/mentors boast clinical social workers, Guidance counselors, early learning
administrators, school-based administrators, and former Parent Advocates.

These board members/mentors are grounded in Civics, their community, churches and
respective sororities and ministries. They are men and women who provide a substantial amount
of volunteerism from week to week understanding the importance of pouring into the life of a
young man. These initial mentors are a ’hands on’ body of professionals who have committed
themselves to leading and facilitating multiple sessions of mentoring over the course of the
school year.

Mr. Erik Nolan is the Executive Director and Principal Mentor responsible for gathering all
applications, conducting background checks, ensuring proper supervision of all weeks to week
activities, brokering community partnerships, evaluating the efforts of UMOJA volunteers and
Mentors. The ongoing efficacy of this school based Male Initiative is predicated on our ability to
process the right match and opportunities for our mentees.